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As a programming language Java fascinates me. Not because it is platform independent (remember the same basic program ran across so many platforms so many years back) - but because of its simplicity when compared with languages like C++ and its lack of  pointers. My personal feeling is that just by eliminating pointer related problems we will be eliminating half of the problems of a software developer. 

As a language Java has a long way to go. Currently it is so slow and i can't think about using Java for any practical development. Better JIT's and Java chips may change this scenario.  Till then we have to wait... 

On the left you can find pointers (of a different kind) to some of my favorite Java sites. If you come across some good sites please let me know. I will add it to my collection. 

I am also tracking new 'Java like' language developments happening. Limbo from Lucent technologies is all set to become the next language.

'Hello World!'  17 Errors, 31 Warnings....